Seven Simple Ways to Encourage Employee Participation in Corporate Races

Now what? How do your form a team? Your organization has agreed to participate inSign Up Button Shows Members And Subscriptions a corporate 5K race and you want to be well represented. A sign-up sheet has been placed in the break room or on the company portal. You know and understand the benefits of corporate races, but how do you entice your employees to join the team?

Here are six simple ways to encourage your employees to participate in corporate races.

  1. Pay for registration. You are making an investment in your employees’ health and productivity. Remove the cost barrier by providing the registration fee. Corporate team discounts are often available. You can even go the extra mile by providing the registration, or partial registration, for family members.
  2. Recognize employees who sign up. Most of your employees like recognition. Simply listing the employees training for the race in your company newsletter or on the break room bulletin board will not only encourage participation, but it will motivate the exercise-newbies to train for race-day.
  3. Provide time off for employees who participate. Races often fall outside of typical working hours. And though participation in races should be voluntary, some employees will view any activity with coworkers to be “work.” Therefore, companies have seen participation—and morale—increase by offering an additional half-day of vacation for any employee who participates in the race. One option is to give each employee a half day off work on the following Friday.
  4. Give a company-branded shirt to employees who participate. Everyone likes free-to-me stuff. Plus, there are many benefits to providing shirts to your employees. When your employees show up to the race in matching branded shirts, your organization will stand out. Furthermore, each time your employees wear the shirt they are reminded of their participation…and they promote your company! Technical shirts that wick away sweat and moisture are recommended
  5. Emphasize how the company’s participation is rooted in concern for the employee’s health. As with any wellness initiative, employees are most likely to participate if they believe the employer has the employee’s best interest at heart. Therefore, when you convey your primary motivation is birthed out of a concern for the employee and their health you have an increased chance of gaining the support of your employees. Share how participation in the race is another way you, as the employer, are investing in the health and well-being of your team.
  6. Indulge your team with an after race meal or drinks. You can increase participation and foster relationship building by hosting a picnic lunch, going to a nearby restaurant together or providing some cold ones following the race.
  7. Talk it up. Enthusiastically promote your organization’s participation. Share the news through newsletters, emails, tweets and your company Facebook & LinkedIn pages. Give it priority in staff meetings. Develop posters to hang in strategic locations. And don’t forget to communicate the perks of participating such as free shirts, medals, networking, fitness and time-off.

These are seven simple ways to increase participation. What would you add to the list? Share your ideas below.


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