Raving Wellness is where I share my passion for employee wellness with the hope you will find helpful ideas that lead to transforming and enhancing your employees’ wellbeing.

Wellness did not come to me naturally. It was a progressive development, culminating through a series of personal and business experiences.  I grew up as a good ole Southern boy feasting on the southern fried, sugar loaded and butter saturated heaping delights. Fortunately, I was active in sports and playing on organized teams through college. During my years of higher education I stayed active by working jobs that kept me on my feet when I wasn’t in class. I looked healthy. But then I entered the world of work. Sports and activity were replaced with desk work and staring at computer monitors. TV was an oasis. Playing sports became watching sports. At the age of 40 my competitive spirit compelled me to enter a 10K race. When I started training I couldn’t run half a mile. But on July 4th of that year I ran the 6.1 miles down Peachtree Road in Atlanta and earned my first race shirt. At the age of 50 I ran my first marathon. Today, when I go for my annual physical I relish the results of my cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar, knowing that it wasn’t always a good report.

Adjacent to my path toward personal fitness, other factors were at work. For nearly 20 years I was a minister where I was able to express my concern to help people. Employee wellness became a new channel of that love and concern. Wellness is about a lot of things, but nothing more important than People. Much of what motivated me in ministry rings true in my attraction to employee wellness. Wellness is about loving and caring for people.

Jack's fourth and most recent marathon was the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. in 2012 one day before Hurricane Sandy hit the northeastern U.S.

Jack’s fourth and most recent marathon was the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. in 2012 one day before Hurricane Sandy hit the northeastern U.S.

Furthermore, somewhere between running that 10K and my first marathon I made a significant career move; A move that would

forge the final pieces of my zeal for wellness. Serving as the Chief Operating Officer for an employee benefits firm, I was privy to multiple conversations illustrating the consequences of poor health. My role as COO entailed Human Resources, Finance and Business Strategy. Most business leaders see wellness as a component of employee benefits and HR—it’s a natural fit. However, through Dee Edington’s Zero Trends my eyes were opened to the tremendous impact employee wellness has on the overall success of the organization. Wellness, I learned is a business strategy. Wellness, effective Raving Wellness, is a business strategy because it is also employee productivity, reduced medical expenses and a retention and talent acquisition tool. Any organization desiring to “up” their game will need to focus on wellness.

Therefore, through Raving Wellness I now share my continued journey to personal health and lessons learned in employee wellness.

What will you find in Raving Wellness? You will discover how Raving Wellness steps outside of the boundaries of HR and benefits. You will discover how Raving Wellness burst through the boundaries of physical health and encompasses a holistic understanding of wellness–more commonly known as well-being. And, you will find an indisputable link between employee wellness and Consumer Driven Healthcare, (CDHC).

I sincerely hope you find tools, ideas, examples and research that provide you with the tools to enhance your employee wellness. As you read the blog I encourage you to share your thoughts and comments so that I, and others, can learn from your experiences, perceptions and insight.

 Rave on,



Jack W. Bruce, Jr., is the Director of Population Health and Wellbeing for The Benefit Company. Prior to joining TBC Jack served as the Director of Marketing for Apollo Healthcare, (Atlanta, GA), and as the Chief Operating Officer at BIS Benefits. These roles in employee benefits followed nearly 20 years in pastoral ministry with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Jack has earned the SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certifications. He also holds a Georgia Life and Health License and is a Certified Self-Funding Professional. 

In addition to Raving Wellness, Jack also blogs on Leadership, HR, Systems and Team Building at www.JackInTheTeamBox.com. You can connect with Jack on LinkedIn and Twitter at @RavingWellness & @JackWBruce.

Views expressed by Jack in Raving Wellness are his own and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of his employer. 


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