How to Drive Utilization of Transparency Tools

toolsShari wasn’t listening…and it’s going to cost you.

You, as the employer, introduced your new transparency strategy three months earlier at Open Enrollment, (OE). You signed up for the service knowing it would save your company a boatload of healthcare dollars and also provide your employees with the tools needed to select top-rated physicians and medical facilities. The vendor you selected for transparency gave a brilliant presentation complete with entertaining videos and rousing testimonials of their services. Each employee left the meeting with brochures, a magnet and small ID card to use when the transparency services were needed.

Shari was in the OE meeting but wasn’t listening; being in good health she rarely ever went to the doctor. But now, after tripping over rocks on a hike, she is in need of a total knee replacement. Because you are an employer who has chosen to self-fund your insurance you will be responsible for the full cost of the surgery. If Shari uses the transparency vendor you have selected she will know she can go to one of the top surgeons in the region and to a hospital where this surgery is conducted more than twice as many times as at any other facility within 200 miles—all at a cost of $8,000 below where her primary care physician is referring her. But Shari has forgotten about the transparency services you presented to your employees. She follows the recommendation of her doctor. You just lost $8,000.

If this is happening with employees throughout your organization, the potential lost savings would be enormous.

How can you get Shari, and other employees like her, to use the cost-saving and quality-enhancing transparency service you provide? Read more of this post


What is Transparency in Healthcare?

magnifying glassThe strategy of transparency is rapidly gaining momentum within the field of insurance, and throughout healthcare. Employers, committed to providing benefits for their employees, are now enlisting the services of transparency providers to cut healthcare cost. But what is transparency?

Transparency, in its simplest form, is the disclosure of the quality and cost of healthcare providers. Traditionally, when someone undergoes a medical procedure they do not have a reasonable idea of the cost of the procedure—whether it be a knee replacement, kidney transplant or MRI. Furthermore, they often lack an adequate understanding of the quality of the medical care they are to receive. Transparency allows the consumer to gain knowledge of the cost and quality of care before choosing Read more of this post