Don’t Overlook Gratitude in Your Employee Well-being Strategies

I recently wrote on “Why Gratitude Belongs in our Employee Wellness Strategies.” You can find it on The Benefits Company webpage at TBC News.



How to Drive Utilization of Transparency Tools

toolsShari wasn’t listening…and it’s going to cost you.

You, as the employer, introduced your new transparency strategy three months earlier at Open Enrollment, (OE). You signed up for the service knowing it would save your company a boatload of healthcare dollars and also provide your employees with the tools needed to select top-rated physicians and medical facilities. The vendor you selected for transparency gave a brilliant presentation complete with entertaining videos and rousing testimonials of their services. Each employee left the meeting with brochures, a magnet and small ID card to use when the transparency services were needed.

Shari was in the OE meeting but wasn’t listening; being in good health she rarely ever went to the doctor. But now, after tripping over rocks on a hike, she is in need of a total knee replacement. Because you are an employer who has chosen to self-fund your insurance you will be responsible for the full cost of the surgery. If Shari uses the transparency vendor you have selected she will know she can go to one of the top surgeons in the region and to a hospital where this surgery is conducted more than twice as many times as at any other facility within 200 miles—all at a cost of $8,000 below where her primary care physician is referring her. But Shari has forgotten about the transparency services you presented to your employees. She follows the recommendation of her doctor. You just lost $8,000.

If this is happening with employees throughout your organization, the potential lost savings would be enormous.

How can you get Shari, and other employees like her, to use the cost-saving and quality-enhancing transparency service you provide? Read more of this post

What is Transparency in Healthcare?

magnifying glassThe strategy of transparency is rapidly gaining momentum within the field of insurance, and throughout healthcare. Employers, committed to providing benefits for their employees, are now enlisting the services of transparency providers to cut healthcare cost. But what is transparency?

Transparency, in its simplest form, is the disclosure of the quality and cost of healthcare providers. Traditionally, when someone undergoes a medical procedure they do not have a reasonable idea of the cost of the procedure—whether it be a knee replacement, kidney transplant or MRI. Furthermore, they often lack an adequate understanding of the quality of the medical care they are to receive. Transparency allows the consumer to gain knowledge of the cost and quality of care before choosing Read more of this post

Seven Simple Ways to Encourage Employee Participation in Corporate Races

Now what? How do your form a team? Your organization has agreed to participate inSign Up Button Shows Members And Subscriptions a corporate 5K race and you want to be well represented. A sign-up sheet has been placed in the break room or on the company portal. You know and understand the benefits of corporate races, but how do you entice your employees to join the team?

Here are six simple ways to encourage your employees to participate in corporate races. Read more of this post

R-A-C-E: Four Compelling Reasons to Participate in Corporate Road Races

runnersIn cities and communities all across America, businesses, corporations and other organizations are given the opportunity to participate in local road races. Most often these races will include a 5K and Fun Run, with an occasional longer distance race. However, because they are designed for corporate participation they will often include unique features not found in typical community races. Yes, there will be the t-shirts, water stops and post-race munchies. But there is often much more such as team competitions, awards for C-suite leaders, and prizes for teams donning the best running outfits. Corporate race events are fun…and they encourage fitness.

Here in Atlanta there are ample opportunities for corporate teams to join the fitness fun. The Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk is the largest race in Atlanta devoted to corporate participation. Produced by U.S. Olympian Jeff Galloway, the 5K Run/Walk includes a training program, a field of 400 corporate teams and 16,000 runners and walkers, and  concludes with the largest company picnic this side of the Chattahoochee.

Not your average  winners' ribbons

Not your average winners’ ribbons

The Button Down Dash, sponsored by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, is a more intimate event designed to bring the Gwinnett business community together, support local nonprofit organizations, and enhance the health of the community. In addition to the 5K Run/Walk, the Button Down Dash includes a Fun Run, 10K and the ever popular Diaper Dash where fit mammas and poppas race while pushing their children in strollers. Instead of the typical race medal, plaques and trophies, the winners take home a coveted gold briefcase or the sought-after neckties presented to each finisher, (in addition, of course, to the t-shirt).

Wherever these races are held, the race organizers will encourage corporate teams to participate, touting the benefits of participation. What are those benefits? Below, are just four of the benefits of participating. Read more of this post

The Daniel Plan: A Faith Approach to Well-being

Fitness. Health. Wellness. What’s faith got to do with it? According to The Daniel Plan, living a life of devoted faith has everything to do with health—and it’s difficult to argue against it. Daniel planWell-known author and minister Pastor Rick Warren teamed up with two Medical Doctors, Daniel Amen and Mark Hyman, to write The Daniel Plan-40 Days to Healthier Life. The Daniel Plan landed on the NYT Best-Seller List immediately upon being published in December 2013 and is a current Top 500 on Amazon Best Sellers where it also holds a Top 20 ranking in Health, Fitness & Dieting > Nutrition. The Daniel Plan is broken into five key Essentials: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friends. While these are not unique to wellness and health, you rarely see all five so well packaged together. The Daniel Plan demonstrates the role of each in maintaining health—and more importantly, shows a correlation between them. Written from a distinctively Christian perspective, “Faith” in the The Daniel Plan is not merely holding a sincere religious belief, but a commitment to God through Jesus Christ. The basis of Faith in the The Daniel Plan is much more precise than believing in a higher power; it is rooted in the Christian’s Bible. One of the significant elements found in the book is that relegating Faith to spiritual devotion, segmented from the routine everyday life, is not the message of the authors. Rather, the life of faith intersects with all aspects of life and is revealed in each of the five Essentials for a healthier life. The most common books on health seem to focus on fitness and healthy eating. The Daniel Plan adequately addresses each of these in the Food and Fitness Essentials. However, the The Daniel Plan is much more. The segments on Faith, Focus and Friends are what separates The Daniel Plan from most other health and wellness books. The Daniel Plan moves the conversation from wellness to well-being, and emphasizes how well-being is dependent upon every area of our lives being in order. Warren writes, “It’s hard to be spiritually strong and mentally alert when you are emotionally stressed or Read more of this post

A Healthy Dose of Quotes from The Daniel Plan

This is a compilation of some of my favorite quotes from The Daniel Plan. My initial list contained 31 great quotes; I’ve whittled it down to a Top 20.  Read more of this post